About us


Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN)

NTN is a business network established by members of the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF), the professional association of the rock blasting and tunnelling industry of Norway.


NTN is a network of companies and major stake holders within the Norwegian Tunnelling Society.

The NTN members represents public clients, science & research institutions, education, engineering & design, consultants, contractors and suppliers.

The network is managed by a board of 5 members, including one member appointed by the Board of NFF.  The Network Director coordinates and manages market activities and conveys requests from the international market back to the appropriate partner.

Board Members: Per Gunnar Andersen, President; Alv Hanstvedt, VP; Elin Morgan, VP; Kjell Saetrevik, VP; Pål Fossum, VP.

Network Director: Knut F. Garshol

NTN acts only as a mediator and all business cooperation will be done directly between the NTN member and the customer. 


NTN encourages and coordinates commecial export of Norwegian Tunnelling Technology to the international markets

NTN communicates knowledge and opportunites from the international tunnelling industry back to the Norwegian industry